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OTK Custom dbInstaller 2.0

$16.80 USD only

2.0 (Build 2892)
Date Released:
December 05, 2007
Brief Description:
Add database backup, restore, detach, drop, SQL script execution, and application config file update features to your installer without any coding. You can also use it as your independent distributable database deployment and support tool.
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Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier Edition 

Many of you know that defragmenting your hard drive improves computer's performance, but do you know that some of the files, such as system files and page file, are not able to defragment by many other tools? And often, these files are those that determine your system performance!

Furthermore, do you have any idea how long it takes to defragment all your modern large capacity hard drives? The Diskeeper 2008 InvisiTasking gives you no feel of any system slow-down while it is doing its job! Although many other defragment tools found to be fast, how much do you know that such a speed also implies the ignorance of certain important defragmentation tasks, such as the Diskeeper I-FAAST technology that closely monitors and analyzes the actual usage of specific files and defragment them in the most optimum way. In addition, Diskeeper doesn't seem to be slow either! Try it!

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Undelete 5 Professional Edition

The recycle bin doesn’t catch everything deleted. And if you use a backup system, it doesn’t cover files created or modified between backups. Many deletions are gone forever. Why operate at risk? Undelete is a real solution and it’s very inexpensive. Undelete replaces your recycle bin with a Recovery Bin and catches all deleted files automatically, only purging itself at default intervals or intervals you set up. Think of it as a computer expert who can find and bring back any file you delete instantly.

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